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Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

Structured settlements, which are set up as annuities, are a normal option for the payment of certain lawsuit settlements. The value of these settlements can be significant. Paying out through a structured settlement allows the insurance company or the defendant to make smaller payments over a set period of time rather than a large lump sum at once.

It is not always the best option for the individual receiving the payments. Finding the best structured settlement companies to buy your annuity provides a fast cash lump sum when it is most needed.

There are state and federal regulations and guidelines for all companies that buyout annuities. Although the structured settlement buyout process is regulated, there are differences between the various companies that buy structured settlements.

When comparing structured settlement funding companies, there are a few basic issues to keep in mind. Buyers of structured settlements are not all the same and choosing only highly rated companies that buy structured settlement payments is critical.

Comparing quotes from different companies that buy annuities helps you to understand the differences in the market. We Pay More Funding, is one of the most reputable companies that purchases future structured settlement payment. We are known for paying the most for your structured settlement, working closely with our customers and helping them reach their goals. We offer full transparency when buying a structured settlement, ensuring that our customers understand the process.

Who buys annuities and why?

Annuities coming from structured settlement payments, are designed to be paid out over long periods of time. We Pay More Funding, purchases future settlement payments to provide our customers with immediate cash.

Who buys structured settlements?

Structured settlement companies, including We Pay More Funding, purchase structured settlements to provide consumers with a lump sum payment now rather than small payments over many years.

How do structured settlements work?

When a lawsuit is awarded to a plaintiff, the defendant may request to pay out the award in an annuity or structured settlement. Once this is agreed upon, a judge must review the structured settlement arrangement. The judicial review provides an additional layer of protection for the plaintiff.

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