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Gain Access to Money When You Need it with Companies that Buy Annuities

If you have an annuity you are set up with a stream of income that will provide financial assistance throughout a set timeframe. However, if you have an annuity and would rather have a larger lump sum, finding an annuity purchaser is a good option. What is annuity purchasing? At We Pay More Funding, we discuss the ins and outs of a structured settlement buyout and how it can benefit you.

Can I Sell My Annuity for Cash?

In some circumstances an individual can sell an annuity for cash to one of the companies that buy structured settlements. Even though an annuity will provide payments over a set period, your financial circumstances may change during the course of your life. By being able to access a larger lump sum of cash, you can adjust your budget if a need arises, and the court approves of the sale.

How Structured Settlement Buyouts Work

Once you find a structured settlement company that is interested in buying your structured settlement, they will make an offer to purchase some or all the future payments. It is then your decision whether you accept the offer, but should you decide to sell you will receive cash according to the offer they have made you and once approved by the court. You can sell just part of your annuity, or the whole thing.

How to Buy an Annuity That’s Right for You

Are you thinking of buying an annuity? They are great for protecting your income stream when you are no longer working and are popular for generating income during retirement. There are multiple types of annuities available from different providers. Be sure to evaluate annuities from different providers so that you can find one that matches your long-term goals.

Can You Take All Your Money Out of an Annuity?

When you sell a structured settlement, you receive a lump sum payment for the agreed upon amount selling either the entire annuity, or just a part of it. Depending on your financial situation, selling the entire structured settlement may be the optimal option for you, however you do not have to sell all of your future payments, instead you can just sell some of them. It is important that you assess your financial needs to make the right decision.

How to Evaluate Structured Settlement Buyout Offers

If you have received an offer for your annuity or structured settlement, ensure that you perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current and projected future financial situation to come to a decision that works for you. At We Pay More Funding, we ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount possible for their annuities and structured settlements. To discuss your options with our team or to receive an offer for your annuity contact us today at (877) 431-0704.

Our mission at We Pay More Funding is to bring together a team of financial experts who are dedicated to getting the best results possible for our clients. We are committed to getting you the funds that you need exactly when you need them. At We Pay More Funding our team of experts will help you with:

  • Getting the largest lump sum of cash for your structured settlement
  • Getting you the most cash for a portion or all of your annuity payments
  • Lottery winning payouts for cash
At We Pay More Funding, we strive to open up new opportunities for our customers to help empower them to overcome financial obstacles such as purchasing a home, paying off debt, providing care for a loved one, moving forward with higher education, and more. We aim to provide our clients:

  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Undivided attention and loyalty.
  • Expert consultation and successful results.
With over 30 years of experience, We Pay More Funding is a leader in the industry of structured funding payouts for structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings. Located in Atlanta, GA, we help our clients transform their periodical payouts into a lump sum of cash at a fast rate. These core values define how we operate as a company in order to get our clients the results they deserve:

  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Dedication and Accountability.
  • Efficiency and Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a structured settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial agreement that allows court-awarded payments to be paid in periodic installments over time (whether over a fixed period of time or continuously during the recipient’s lifetime), rather than being paid in a lump sum.

What are the benefits of selling my structured settlement? Should I sell my structured settlement?

If you are considering selling your structured settlement, it is typically because you need cash now – rather than over a long period of time – for one reason or another. By working with We Pay More Funding, we will make sure that you feel comfortable with the plan set in place to take care of your immediate needs while looking out for your future financially as well.

What are some types of financial needs that are considered a reason to sell payments?

There are many valid reasons for the need to sell your structured settlement for a lump sum of cash. Some of these include paying off a large debt, providing medical care for you or a loved one, purchasing a new home, purchasing a reliable car, pursuing a higher education, and many more.

What does the process entail when selling a structured settlement?

At We Pay More Funding, we want your process of selling a structured settlement to be simple and without stress. When you enter a contract with us, we have complete open communication and go through the process with you step-by-step so that you feel as if you can trust us and have confidence in our abilities. Once you enter the contract, we will get a court order on your behalf (with no cost to you) and have your payments assigned to us once you have received your lump sum of cash.

How much money should I expect to receive?

The amount of money you will receive from selling a structured settlement depends on a few factors. Luckily, by working with We Pay More Funding, we work to get you the highest possible amount in the fastest possible time.

Does my insurance company play a role in selling my structured settlement?

Basically, the answer is no because the choice to sell your structured settlement is your decision. We will be the ones handling communication with your insurance company to ensure a smooth transaction.

How long does it take to receive my money?

At We Pay More Funding, we aim to get you your money as fast as possible. The process typically takes anywhere from 45-90 days depending on the state’s laws and provided the judge signs the court order. However, there have been times where we have been able to get a client’s money within 2-5 days.

Will I be required to appear in court?

Yes, all transfers do typically require court approval, and most districts will require you to appear in court in order to follow best practices and to protect the individual so that he or she understands the sale process and that the transfer is in his or her best interest.

Are there any tax penalties from selling my structured payouts?

As we are not entitled to offer tax advice, we can say that the IRS did issue a prior ruling confirming that the sale of a structured payout would not create tax penalties. You should be able avoid any tax penalties as long as the transfer complies with federal and state laws. It is noted that the government has concurred that any money coming from a pain and suffering settlement is tax exempt. We do recommend to speak with a professional tax advisor regarding any potential tax implications for your best interest.

Are there any additional expenses that I will have to pay to sell my structured settlement?

Absolutely not. At We Pay More Funding, we do not have any hidden fees. We take care of all costs that are associated with the transaction process.

How will I be paid?

You can receive payment whichever way you prefer. We can send you a check, or we can send a wire directly into your bank account.

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