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Can I sell my structured settlement?

In many cases you can sell a structured settlement. However, the sale will be dependent on your situation and must be court approved before the structured settlement company can fund the sale.

Why sell my structured settlement?

Reasons vary but typically it is because the annuitant needs a lump sum of money that is larger than their predetermined periodic payouts. For things like debt, starting a business, home purchases, etc..

Can we get an advance on an annuity?
If you choose to sell your annuity payments and it is approved by the court you can then access cash faster.
How do I get my structured settlement money?
You can either choose to receive your structured settlement money as originally directed by the courts or you can sell your settlement to one of the structured settlement companies in order to receive money quicker.
How fast can I be paid?
First you must workout the details of the sale with one of the structured settlement companies. Then you seek court approval of the sale. If approved, the payout will typically happen in a matter of a few days.
How do I sell a structured settlement fast?
Simply reach out to a structured settlement company and provide the details of your annuity. They will then help guide you through the process.
Are there any advantages to selling structured settlements?
If you sell a structured settlement, you can receive a larger lump sum payout very quickly. You’ll want to be sure to use one of the best structured settlement companies.
Is getting paid in lump sums by a structured settlement company legal?
At We Pay More Funding, we help you with all legal aspects of the sale of your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings for your peace of mind.
How do I cash out my annuity?
By working with structured settlement companies like We Pay More Funding, you can sell your structured settlement for a lump sum payment so that you can access a larger portion of cash immediately.
Are structured settlements guaranteed?
Yes. Structured settlements are the result of a lawsuit, meaning that the payments are guaranteed.
Are there benefits of selling a structured settlement?
It depends on your situation. A structured settlement pays you out over a set period of time, whereas, selling a structured settlement makes the cash available immediately.
Are there any advantages of a structured settlement?
The biggest benefit is that you have fixed, regular payments over the term of the annuity.
What are the payout options for structured settlements?
You can either choose to receive the income on a regular basis per your original settlement agreement or you can sell your structured settlement for a lump sum payment. The latter option requires court approval.
What are the benefits if I sell my structured settlement?
Selling structured settlements is an option for people who want to have access to their cash faster and/or in a larger lump sum payment amount.
If I sell my annuity what are the future benefits?
You benefit from being able to access your cash at once rather than receiving smaller periodic structured settlement payouts. You can invest it and grow the money over time.
Should I sell my structured settlement payments or keep them?
The choice is yours and depends on your needs. If you need liquid cash right now, then you can sell your structured settlement.

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