Structured Settlement Or Annuity

Structured Settlement Or Annuity

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Here at We Pay More Funding. Our professional team of experienced consultants put your needs first, and work on your behalf to make sure that you receive the best solution possible for your financial situation. We have helped thousands of customers sell their structured settlements and annuities to receive their lump sums of cash to best suit their financial need.

Structured Settlement and Annuities
To confuse structured settlements with an annuity can be very easy because both concepts have few similarities but are still different. The difference between the two is how the federal and state laws manage them. However much both concepts might deal with financial issues, the rules vary for either one.


What are annuities?
Unlike structured settlements which are arranged in court, annuities are made available through insurance companies or investment firms. More often than not lottery winnings are included in the same category, because the winner decides to receive his winnings paid to over a period of time. Instead of a lump sum.

Another difference between structured settlements and annuities is that annuities will allow the owner to receive additional money upon the original amount that is to be paid out. Also, annuities are allowed to have multiple beneficiaries.

Is it important to know the difference between annuities and structured settlements
Well. No, not actually, especially if you are the one at the receiving end of the payments. However, there is a big but. If you are looking to sell your annuity or settlement then you be more than familiarised with the different laws that apply to both annuities and settlements. There are states in which selling settlements are allowed, but it might not be so for an annuity. Selling one's annuity can become quite complex when you consider the legal implications thereof.

How to sell an annuity?
If you are someone who does not know what annuity is then you should take professional guidance before you sell your annuity. If I may say professionals such as ourselves here at, We Pay More Funding, because we employ highly trained individuals who act a broker.

This said broker should have a good enough understanding of the law. Thus you should find a reliable broker who has experience and has proven to be effective in giving you the best for your money’s worth.

Ensuring your annuity with us, We Pay More Funding
We aid annuity owners in selling their annuity via a hassle-free process. Here at We Pay More Funding, we promise to help our clients sail smoothly through all the legal fuss and earn their money immediately.
It goes without saying that we will have fill in a form to obtain your personal information, contact information and the particulars of your annuity you won't sell. Following your information, we will search for the highest possible price for your annuity. You can rest assured that we only work with competing companies.

When we have found a company, it is then up to you as the annuity owner to accept the money or offer. In the event that you do not accept the offer, the sale process will start again. We will provide you with a certified consultant. And therewith you will able to be in contact with him for updates on your sales documents.


Structured Settlement Or Annuity
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