Structured Settlement Funding

Structured Settlement Funding

When it comes to structured settlement funding, you must know all of your options before selling your structured settlement! We Pay More Funding buys structured settlements for cash, and we would like you to know your options so that you can make a choice that's best for your situation and will be one that you won't come to regret.

You Have the Option to Sell Your Structured Settlement

The first thing you should know is that you have the option to convert your structured settlement or annuity payments into a large lump sum payout either partially or in full, even if you have been led to believe otherwise. It is your option to have access to your money right now, and it is your option to use your money for the things you and your family need today!

It's Your Right to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

Structured settlements are often used by insurance companies to pay for a lawsuit or claim. When you settled your case, there may not have been any other option for you but to take the structured settlement. Naturally, 99% of people would take the lump sum over the periodic payouts when given the option. Structured settlements can take between 20 years and a lifetime for you to get all of your money.

We Pay More Funding gives you the option to legally exchange your future payments from your structured settlement for a lump sum payout. At the time of settlement, the annuity or structured settlement that you agreed to may have been the best option for you, but circumstances are prone to change. Thankfully, you have the option to obtain full structured settlement funding from We Pay More Funding.

Should You Seek Structured Settlement Funding?

At We Pay More Funding, a lot of our clients are appreciative that we go beyond our basic duties to help them obtain the money they need for their immediate financial needs. Having the ability to access a large amount of cash when you need it most can change your life. For example, many of our satisfied clients are using the money we got them to finally go from being renters to homeowners. Others might start a new business, and some will finally get the debt collectors off their backs once and for all and maybe even obtain additional schooling or send a child to college.

Of course, there are many other ways that people can use their lump sum payout, such as paying for medical bills that aren't covered by insurance and upgrading their home furniture. Whatever the need is, there's no need to wait! After all, why should you wait for years to get all of your money when you can have it now?

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As you sort out your structured settlement funding options, remember that We Pay More Funding is here to help you! Our goal is to make sure that you have access to your own money so that you can choose how and when it will be most beneficial for you.


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