Selling Annuity Payments For Cash

Selling Annuity Payments For Cash

Selling annuity payments for cash at We Pay More Funding is a lot easier than you think- and we offer a better buyout offer than out competition. Our clients see an average increase of 20% more cash when they partner with us to find the right financial solution through selling their annuity; that’s more money you’re free to spend as you wish. When considering the sale of your annuity, we’re the clear choice for a better payout.

Is It Safe?

It’s completely safe and secure to sell your annuity payments to a third party- the key to experiencing a seamless transfer is through working with a reputable agency that has your best interest at heart. Any annuity buyer can make you promises- we’re the only agency that backs up our claim with a Best Price Guarantee. Our guarantee means more money in your bank account when our transaction is completed- it’s as simple as that, so you can stop wasting time calling around and comparing offers. We guarantee the highest offer for your annuity payments.

How Much is My Annuity Worth?

A few factors come into play, but your annuity’s value mainly depends on current market conditions, how long you’ve been receiving payments, and additional details we’ll talk over with you when you reach out to us. We’ll take everything into account and make a generous offer on your annuity that will give you a lump sum of money to replace your monthly or quarterly payments. If you like what you hear, we can finalize your application and get the process started the same day you call us.

Payments or Lump Sum?

We receive phone calls from potential clients on a consistent basis who tell us they originally purchased their annuity because they believed the payments would add a quality to their life when in reality, it added little to their monthly financial status. Exchanging a large sum of money for continuous monthly payments can actually be a poor financial decision for some people. If you regret your decision to buy an annuity, you have an option available that you may not have considered- selling annuity payments for cash. Just a few of the reasons our clients sell to us include:

  • Funding dream vacations
  • Paying for funeral expenses
  • Lending money to family members
  • Paying for college
  • Paying off high-interest debt
  • Saving their home from foreclosure
  • Improving cash flow
  • Clearing the debt slate

Selling Annuity Payments For Cash

Reach out to an agent from We Pay More Funding to find out how much your annuity is worth in cash value- we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in making the right decision regarding your financial situation. Our primary interest is not to talk you into selling your annuity to us- it’s about helping you improve your current position by offering you immediate cash to manage your affairs- 20% more, on average, than our competitors. Get the cash you need right now from We Pay More Funding.

Selling Annuity Payments For Cash
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