Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Sell Structured Settlement Payments

For people looking to sell structured settlement payments, We Pay More Funding is a great place to start. We offer a Best Price Guarantee, and we can get you the lump sum of cash you need for your structured settlement payments fast and with the least amount of hassle as possible. We are usually able to get our clients a lump sum payout within thirty days, although every case is different. We are also able to buy partial or full structured settlement payments, giving our clients more options on how to care for their finances.

What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a type of payment used by an insurance company to pay for the settlement of a personal injury, medical malpractice, or a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, the full amount of the settlement isn't always handed over right away. Instead, the settlement is made in payments that can vary in amount, frequency, and duration. These can be once a month, quarterly, yearly, or a mix and every payment structure is different.

These payments are designed to be helpful, but they might not always align with the personal needs of the individual who is receiving them. Think about this; people receive annual structured settlement payments, but they have monthly rent to pay. Others need to make a down-payment on a house, but they are stuck with monthly payments even though they know that they've got larger payments coming ten years down the line.

A Lot of People Choose We Pay More Funding When They Want to Sell Their Structured Settlement Payments

Not everybody knows this, but you can actually sell your structured settlement payments and get the money you need right now. If you're considering doing this, it's important to choose the right company to work with. We Pay More Funding is a popular choice because we have years of experience getting people the money they need, and we offer a Best Price Guarantee. We know what we are doing, and that is why We Pay More Funding is the industry leader.

Many of the companies offering to purchase annuities and structured settlement are, shall we say, less than ethical on all occasions. To date, We Pay More Funding is yet to find another company that places such a degree of emphasis on protecting their clients' best interests. This often involves talking with them, listening to them, and counseling them when needed. A lump sum of cash tempts many people, but selling their structured settlement payments may not be in their best interests. Ultimately, our clients have the freedom to choose what they will do with their money, but we care about your best interests more than our bottom line.

Give Us a Call

If you are somebody looking to sell structured settlement payments, call and speak with one of our professionals today. We'll help you through the entire process and get you the money you need. We Pay More Funding works quickly, efficiently, and delivers.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments
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