Sell Lottery Payments

Sell Lottery Payments

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‘’The choice that makes more cents’’, excuse the pun, but that is exactly what we are known for making sense of your financials for you as well as making you more money.

We have the experience to get the legal work done right, and done quickly. With our knowledge of the business, we are able to keep our team working more efficiently and, at the same time, keeping our costs lower. We also have relationships with all of the major banks for funding. Lower costs for us, plus access to capital, means we can deliver you more of the money you were awarded.

Lottery Winnings
Winning the lotto can set you up for life, however, if you do not spend the money wisely you might just find yourself being bankrupt quicker than you found yourself hitting the jackpot.

Therefore it is important to find a professional who can manage your finances and if you are someone who prefers doing things yourself then you should find a consultant. And with that dear visitor, we will gladly assist.
It is important to take care of your money especially when you have hit the jackpot.

Managing Your Winnings
When people come into a lot of money, it’s common to feel pressure to suddenly live as they’ve always imagined the ultra-rich to live. However, like most things on television, it’s mostly smoke and mirrors and little substance. This can cause a winner to need to turn to sell their future payments.

Money Can Run Out
No matter how large it may seem, the winnings aren’t a bottomless pit of money. When you win the lottery, you can do anything. You can buy a yacht. You can become an angel investor for small businesses. But that doesn’t mean you can buy all the yachts or invest in all the businesses. Even seemingly necessary purchases can end up costing winner money later. Owning a house, for example, requires the payment of taxes. Owning a multi-million dollar home can require proportionately larger taxes each year.

Lottery Annuities

Selling payments
Why would you want to sell your payments?
You might have found yourself in a financial predicament and now you need quick and easy cash without digging yourself a bigger grave. So you might feel inclined to cash out part of or the remainder of your lottery annuity payments.

The process
Often times, taking the annuity leaves you the opportunity to take a lump sum later. The process works in the same way, and through the same channels, as selling a structured settlement:

1. Someone scheduled to receive lottery payments in the future contacts a structured settlement, or annuity, buying company.
2. The buying company is then responsible for drafting a contract detailing the transfer of payments.
3. Next, the sale must be approved by a judge. The sale must be evaluated to ensure that it’s in the best interest of the owner.
4. Once approved, taxes will be owed on the funds. Federal taxes apply at the typical income tax rate.

Want more cash, now. We are your number one resource if you are looking to secure your future cash now. So contact one of our professional consultants and they will assist you.

Sell Lottery Payments
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