Sell Lottery Annuity

Sell Lottery Annuity

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By creating long-term relationships with our clients, we have become one of the top leaders in and annuity payments. We work hard until you get the highest payment return on your policies. We concentrate on monitoring pricing options and fluctuations in the market for our customers so that we are on top of what is going on, and can let you know when it is best to sell your annuity payments for cash.

Lottery Annuities
Fun fact! Did you know that Americans spend $70 billion annually on lottery tickets and an estimate of 1500 people each year become the lucky individuals who find themselves to suddenly be worth more than a million dollars?
Lottery winnings can set a person financially for a lifetime or, even more, if it gets to the beneficiaries. Lottery winners can receive their lottery payments according to what they choose. The winnings can either be received in periodic lottery payments or as a lump sum.

Now just as a lottery winner can decide to receive their winnings periodically, meaning over a set period of time. They can also sell what they have left of the remaining annuity payments.

Selling lottery annuities
If you had chosen for lottery payments to be received periodically in the form of an annuity, but you need money now, you should consider selling the lottery payments. You can get lottery cash now depending on the laws of the state you live in.

How much would I get in return?
If you want an estimate of the sales value of your lottery annuity, you can enter the information from your contract into this annuity calculator to get a custom quote that we stand behind.

How does it work?
Lottery winners who decide to sell their periodic payments must first learn if they are allowed to do so. That is often determined by the state in which the lottery was won and not by the state in which the lottery winner lives. Sometimes there are ways of finding a loophole, a task best suited for a personal attorney.

A disadvantage!
Just like lump sum award, there are drawbacks to periodic payments as well. Often times, your financial requirements may be bigger than the periodic payment you are about to receive. You can’t depend entirely on these lottery payments in periodic sums to meet every kind of requirement. You may have to pay off debt, send children to college, or handle a medical or health issue or emergency. In such situations, selling the periodic lottery payments is the best option.

And you are only able to cash out your settlement if a federal judge deems it so, and he or she will only do so if, you wanting to cash in, is in your best interest.

Having second thoughts here’s why
On the other hand, periodic payments mean that you can protect yourself financially for a long period of time. If you decide to you retire before the annuity is completed, you will have a stable life in financial terms even after you are not working. If you choose beneficiaries for the lottery winnings after you are no longer able to be there for your family. Then you can see to it that your descendants are taken care of.

Sell Lottery Annuity
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