Lottery Lump Sum Vs Annuity

Lottery Lump Sum Vs Annuity

Are you weighing out the pros and cons of a lottery lump sum vs. annuity payments? There’s certainly a lot to think about when considering the sale of your lottery winnings; however, if the payments are no longer meeting your needs or never seem like they’re big enough to fund your dreams, it might be time to start thinking about cashing in your payments. We Pay More Funding can off you a lump sum cash payment for part or all of your lottery annuity- the amount you sell-off depends on your current goals.

Lottery Lump Sum vs. Annuity Payments

If you won the lottery and opted for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, it’s too late to change the method your state pays you your winnings. It surprises many of our clients to find out there’s a third option they were never told about- selling their annuity payments for cash. Having immediate access to your lottery winnings can help you get your finances in order, pay off high-interest debt, build an investment portfolio, or simply enjoy your money right now rather than having to wait to be paid over time. Our agents are trained to help you look at all of the angles and make the best decision for your financial situation.

A Reputation For Excellence

Our clients trust us to help make serious decisions with some of life’s most significant issues. We have grown our company to become one of the largest, most respected agencies in the industry for the simple reason that we put your best interest over our own. Another reason we are sought-out by lottery annuity owners is that we back up our promises with a Best Price Guarantee that ensures you’ll leave the table with a better offer than you would receive from another company. How much better? Let’s talk about 20% more cash, on average, than competing agencies offer.

Sell All or Part

Selling all of your annuity payments may not be the best option, depending on your financial situation. If you’re paying on high-interest credit card debt, consider just selling off enough of your payments to clean your slate and get debt free. For immediate cash needs, it’s often wise to take a partial annuity sell-off to get your financial affairs in order and retain the rest of your payments. Keep in mind that no two situations are exactly alike.

Many of our clients come to us seeking a complete buyout of their lottery payments, and if that happens to be your goal, we’ll do everything we can to get you the most money for your annuity. Getting out from an endless cycle of payments can be incredibly freeing and can significantly improve quality of life. You’ll find our agents are very knowledgeable when it comes to assessing your needs and helping you look at all of the pros and cons of a lottery lump sum vs. annuity payments. Why not give us a call now to find out how much we can offer for your lottery payments?

Lottery Lump Sum Vs Annuity
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