Lottery Annuity Payments

Lottery Annuity Payments

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Apart from managing structured settlements and annuities, we also offer our services to lottery winners and so gladly want to help them manage their new found wealth.

Lottery Winnings
Winning the lotto. Sounds big hey! And that it is. If you happen to be so lucky then you dear visitor is set for life, even more so if it gets to certain beneficiaries. The winners are allowed to choose in which way they are to be paid their winnings, either in monthly payments or an immediate lump sum.

Lottery Annuity
As said above winner can choose how they want their lotto money to be paid out to them. The money can be paid all at once referred to as a lump sum or can be paid over a set period of time called an annuity. However, the fine print of the stipulations regarding the winner’s earnings is dependent on the state the winner lives in or the rules of the lottery company in question.

Getting your lotto winnings over a lapse of time

The benefits
Choosing to have your lottery winnings over a periodic payment in the form of an annuity may produce multiple benefits. Firstly, you as a lottery winner can evade large tax deductions by choosing to have your payments made out to you periodically. You are also most likely to obtain a grander payout in due time.

Having your winnings paid out this way means that you are better off financially for the foreseeable future. If it so happens that you chose to retire before the annuity has run its course, you will have a life that is still financially stable even after you are not working.

You are also able to give your descendants a financially stable future by choosing a beneficiary for your lottery winnings after your death.

One of the better benefits is that you can cash in a few of your payments in you need quick cash. All you have to do is hire a trustworthy structured settlement company to find you a certified funder to buy the annuity. If I might add, a company such as ourselves. We Pay More Funding.

Now we all know that every good has its bad. So it is only natural to say that periodic payments have its drawbacks as well. Sometimes your financial situation may be bigger than your periodic payments. That is why you cannot necessarily depend on lottery payments to meet your every need. You may have to pay off debt, send children to college, or handle a medical or health issue or emergency. In such situations, selling the periodic lottery payments is the best option.

This is where we come in!
We Pay More Funding will help you manage your lottery winnings smartly. You can consult us for finding out what is the best option for you; lump sum award or periodic lottery payments. You can also hire the services of We Pay More Funding if you want to sell your entire annuity or part of the periodic lottery payments.

Lottery Annuity Payments
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