How To Sell My Annuity

How To Sell My Annuity

"I am wondering how to sell my annuity. Can you guys help me out?" We get asked this question every week at We Pay More Funding. Fortunately, while there are a lot of technical terms and behind-the-scenes processes that go into selling an annuity, it's pretty simple and straight-forward on the front end. If you are wondering how to sell your annuity without getting ripped off, you are in the right place know. We Pay More Funding is one of the leading annuity purchasing firms today, and we operate with the highest level of ethics. You can trust us for sound advice and to get you the most cash for your annuity.

We Pay More Funding is proud to offer a Best Price Guarantee to all of our clients. We can get you the cash you need within as little as two to three weeks from the time you apply with us. The first thing to do is to apply. While there's more to the process of selling an annuity, there are primarily two things to keep in mind if you're considering selling your annuity.

Don't Make a Decision on Impulse

If you are wondering how to sell your annuity, selling an annuity on mere impulse is a never a good idea. There are a lot of valid reasons to sell an annuity, and only you know if you need to. Many people are tempted by a lump sum of cash and decide to sell their annuities on a whim, only to regret it later.

A simple but effective way to decide if you need to sell your annuity or you're just being enticed by the big payout, is to wait a week. If you mark seven days on the calendar from the time you first have the thought to sell your annuity, and you still feel as strongly about after seven days and have no doubts, then selling your annuity might be a good choice for you.

Be Careful Who You Do Business With

The fact that you're reading this thread shows that you are willing to dig deep to find the best company to purchase your annuity. This is important! Most people hear an ad on TV and run with it. What they don't know is that these annuity companies that spend big bucks to market on TV, radio, print, and digital are masterful with words and marketing, but they aren't always trustworthy. Buyer beware!

In the secondary settlement market, there are lots of aggressive and unscrupulous companies. It's imperative to deal with a fair, honest, and respected company that puts integrity before profits. Unfortunately, because these companies know that even the people who think they know a lot about annuities usually don't know much at all, they almost always take advantage of unknowing or unsuspecting clients. That is why these companies have so many bad reviews online. Be careful about who your trust.  

Call Us if You Need Quick Cash

If you Google 'How to sell my annuity,' take your time to research each company you're considering, get a quote in writing, and compare the numbers. We Pay More Funding will beat any quote you get. 

How To Sell My Annuity
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