Get An Advance On My Annuity

Get An Advance On My Annuity

Are you thinking about taking an annuity advance to get your finances in order? We pay More Funding will purchase part or all of your annuity to help you get the cash you need now instead of waiting for payments to come in over time. We understand the needs of our clients, perhaps better than any other company in the industry, which is why we are committed to providing a higher payout offer than our competition: typically 20% more cash for your annuity.

Why Take an Annuity Advance?

Sometimes, annuity payments sound like an excellent investment for the future; however, financial matters can change over time. What once looked like enough money to pay bills might not look the same after a few years have gone by. We speak with many clients who tell us they regret having purchased their annuity and are looking for a reasonable way out of the endless payment cycle. If these stories sound familiar, consider selling your annuity payments to us for a lump sum cash payment you’re free to spend in any way you see fit.

Partial or Complete Annuity Advance?

No two situations are alike- that's why our agents are trained to work closely with our clients to determine the right strategy for individual financial needs. If you decide to sell part of your annuity, you’ll still receive a monthly or quarterly payment, just as you’ve been receiving, only in a smaller amount. A partial advance is often the best option if you’re faced with a one-time need for cash. If you prefer access to all of your annuity money at one time, we can discuss a complete buyout for one lump sum payment. Why not call us right now to find out what your annuity is worth?

The Benefits of an Annuity Advance

There are few things as beneficial as having cash in your hand right now, or as the old adage goes: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You may have many plans for your money that are just out of reach simply because the payments you receive are never big enough to fund your dreams. Find out just how easy it is to cash out your annuity and take home one large payment for your annuity- give us a call or explore our website’s resources for additional information. Our site's FAQ page answers many commonly asked questions.

Why Choose We Pay More Funding?

As our name indicates- we pay more for annuities; in fact, we value your annuity highly. Our clients receive an average of 20% more in buyout value than our competitors pay- but don’t take our word for it. We let our Best Price Guarantee speak to our commitment to ensuring you are generously compensated for taking an annuity advance. You can read more about our Best Price Guarantee online or find out more just by making one phone call to a We pay More Funding agent. It takes only a few minutes to get an advance on my annuity.

Get An Advance On My Annuity
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