Cash Out Lottery Winnings

Cash Out Lottery Winnings

It’s easier than you think to cash out lottery winnings for a lump sum of cash- and you can have the money in your hands a lot quicker when you trust We Pay More Funding with your buyout. One simple call to a knowledgeable agent from our firm and we’ll answer your questions and give you all the details. If you’re receiving monthly or quarterly lottery payments that aren’t big enough to fund your dreams, we can turn your payments into a windfall of cash by purchasing your payments from you.

Your Needs Come First

Unlike other agencies that are more interested in their bottom line than they are with meeting the needs of their clients, we believe your interests outweigh ours- which is why we pay an average of 20% more than our competitors offer for lottery buyouts. If you’ve received a buyout offer of $50,000 from someone else, you’ll receive about $10,000 more from We Pay More Funding for the same payments. Our Best Price Guarantee is our promise that we will do everything possible to make sure you receive the best solution to your current financial issue.

Lottery Payments vs. Lump Sum

If you’re unable to use your payments to do things you dreamed you would be able to do once you started to receive your money, chances are, a lump sum payment would work in your favor. Most clients we speak with tell us they want access to their money now, rather than having to wait for increment payments to come in over time. We can make an immediate cash offer that allows you to cash out lottery winnings and take home one lump sum of money that’s yours to spend however you wish.

We Work With You For the Best Outcome

It’s not uncommon for lottery winners to change their mind about the type of payout they prefer- unfortunately, once you’ve opted for payments instead of a lump sum amount, it’s too late to change the way your state pays you the money you’re owed. We Pay More Funding can offer a third option you may not have thought about- cash out lottery winnings by selling your payments to us. Since the money is yours, you can sell part or all of your lottery payments; our agents can help you analyze your needs to make the right decision for your finances.

Why We Pay More For Lottery Payments

We work for you- the client. Since our inception, it has always been our intention to work with our clients to find the best solution for their needs. In all the time we’ve been in business, nothing has changed from our original mission; in fact, we back up our vision with what we call our Best Price Guarantee, that is our exclusive promise to you that we’ll work hard to ensure you get a better payout from us than from any other competing agency. Give us a call to learn more about the buyout process and find out how much your lottery payments are worth in cash.

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