Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

We Pay More Funding is an annuity and settlement purchasing company that provides cash for structured settlement payments. It doesn't matter what kind of settlement or structured payment arrangement you have. If you want to sell your settlement, we buy them, and We Pay More Funding has a Best Price Guarantee. As you shop around online for great quotes, make sure you get them in writing so that we can honor our Best Price Guarantee.

Lump Sum or Long-Term Payout?

If you won the lottery or received a large settlement, would you like to get your payments over a lifetime? Or would you prefer one lump sum? If you're interested in taking it all at once, there's a niche market that can help you convert the stream of payments into a lump sum today. We Pay More Funding is a leading company in the secondary settlement payment market that has purchased millions of dollars worth settlements to date.

Unlike past times, when people seemed to favor long-term security more than short-term gains, people nowadays are opting for the lump sum payouts more than ever before. People today want the control that a lump sum gives them. We Pay More Funding gives people the control they want by purchasing their future payments for cash, such as lottery prizes, casino winnings, insurance settlements, Worker's Comp, and more.

Get the Cash You Need from Us

At We Pay More Funding, we empower people to deal with life's changes as they happen. Individuals who choose to cash out their settlements only need to give us a call. We can either fax or email a copy of the application to you, and then you can fill it out and either fax or email it back. We'll get the ball rolling right away and work towards getting you the cash you need. We Pay More Funding can buy all or part of a structured settlement.

Why Sell a Structured Settlement?

The motivation for selling structured settlement payments vary. Some people have to pay college costs either for themselves or for a child, and the monthly payments they receive from the structured settlement isn't enough. Many people want to buy a new home outright or start a business. There are other life emergencies as well, such as additional medical expenses, saving your home from foreclosure, or digging out of debt.

Structured settlements are designed to accommodate the client's needs at that time. However, nobody has a crystal ball, and sometimes a client's needs change. Sometimes, a client may need money for a personal medical procedure or for an emergency financial situation. In these types of situations, purchasing a structured settlement may be the best option.

Many People and Organizations Trust Us, and You Can too!

Many organizations see our service as a resource and use it extensively. We are referred clients by insurance companies, structured settlement brokers, lawyers, accountants, and many other professional advisors. We Pay More Funding is simply the best at what we do. If you need cash for structured settlement payments, you are in the right place. Give us a call and get a quote today.

Cash For Structured Settlement Payments
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