Cash For Annuity Payment

Cash For Annuity Payment

Did you know We Pay More Funding offers cash for annuity payment plans? We buy annuities that no longer serve the needs of our clients, paying immediate cash in one lump sum. If your monthly annuity payments are not adding the quality to your life you had hoped for when you purchased the plan, call us now to find out how we can help. Sell all of your annuity or any part, depending on your financial needs. Benefits of choosing us include:

  • Our Best Price Guarantee
  • A 20% increase in payout on average
  • Money in your hand faster
  • Reputable agents with your best interest at heart
  • Multi-options for selling
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No-obligation advice

Our Name Says it All

We pay more than any other annuity buyers with no gimmicks and no hidden fees. We say we pay more because we pay more than our competition- when it comes to getting cash for annuity payment plans, our clients walk away from the table with 20% more, on average, than if they had chosen another company to do business with. Our Best Price Guarantee exclusively backs our claim to pay more that you can read more about on our website. Knowledgeable agents are available by phone if you have additional questions or want to get the process started.

Why Sell Your Annuity?

For some people, a lump sum of money is more beneficial than a steady string of smaller monthly payments. You can do much more with a large amount of money in the ‘here and now’ compared with smaller increments that never seem to add up to much. If you purchased an annuity that no longer makes sense to you, or have inherited an annuity you’d like to turn into cash, we can help with the process, from start to finish. A large pool of money can make it possible to:

  • Fund a college education
  • Pay for funeral expenses
  • Take your dream vacation
  • Sustain income after an injury
  • Loan money to family
  • Enjoy life to a greater degree
  • Pay off debt
  • Stop struggling financially

Our Job as Buyers

We don’t judge the reasons our clients turn to us for cash for annuity payment plans, rather, we work to assist them in determining whether selling is in their best interest, how much of their annuity to sell, and how to get the most value from their annuity. At We Pay More Funding, we feel a duty to our clients to offer more than an avenue for selling their annuity payments; we also feel obligated to provide the highest level of service possible.

Trust Us For a Seamless Transaction

If you’re currently looking for a reputable annuity buyer, who can help make the exchange a simple, straightforward process, make a call to We Pay More Funding now for professional advice and assistance. After looking over certain aspects of your annuity, we’ll make you a cash offer that will give you access to the full value of your annuity- there’s no obligation to call.

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